Tokenomy verified


22 September 2018 to 22 September 2018


Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta 12940, Indonesia

09:00:00 to 17:00:00

Who's Going


Block Community is an ongoing community gathering event, attended by various player in the blockchain and crypto community in Indonesia. This full-day event in Jakarta will feature many notable speakers representing various blockchain projects, exploring various blockchain and crypto related topics via panel discussions and open dialogue.

• Block Community aims to cultivate community growth and positive developments
in the blockchain space through open dialogue and collaborative sessions.
• To create more opportunities to meet with industry leaders and expand your
professional network.
• To serve as a platform to bounce and exchange blockchain-related ideas with a
strong community of thought leaders in the industry.

With our growing community, we expect over 300 attendees comprised of industry leaders, investors and crypto enthusiasts to attend.

Oscar Darmawan (Indodax CEO)
Christian Hsieh (Tokenomy CEO)
Danny Baskara (Vexanium CEO)
Aria Rajasa (Playgame Production Head)
Regi Wahyu (HARA CEO)
Indra Darmawan (Lyfe CEO)
Jason Lim (Mfun)

Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta 12940, Indonesia

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